July 19, 2016


SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) is an in- memory platform that is used to store the data through relational database management system. This SAP solution helps the organisation to have the data on RAM instead of hard disk. This SAP solution enables for the data storage using HANA without any external databases. The SAP HANA uses Platform-as-a-service system to manage the data on the cloud. The business solutions are benefited in large amount since the HANA allows for the fast accessing of data. This revolutionary platform is useful for real time data analysis. The SAP HANA is used to manage both the high transactions and complex query processing on the same platform. More number of applications can run on the SAP HANA system. The data are processed through the row and column based approach that does the process quickly enhancing business operations.

Some of the cities in UAE like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi the main business on petroleum, oil &gas, construction materials production companies, metal fabrication companies, textile companies, tourism companies have large database to be maintained in order to promote the business. The SAP HANA eliminates missing of data, since the cloud storage saves data in secured manner.  The SAP HANA provides the optimized solution through the partitioning of data which outputs the parallelization processing. It is simple and unique way to tackle the multiple interfaces of the organisation. This modern platform of the real time data analytics helps the organisation to have distinct experience on the database management. This database management system supports both the OLTP and OLAP transactions of the organisation.

SAP HANA encapsulates various business processes like,

  • Enables mobile based services
  • Engage with social media
  • Promotes enhanced data analytics
  • Tracks business transactions
  • Designing process is connected to database

SAP HANA is noted for the following features,

  • Reduces the use of application servers that are used to store the data. This elimination of application servers improves the productivity of the organisation thereby avoiding the network traffic in the data management.
  • Improves the proficiency of the organisation by providing special designing tools that manages the data through which the productivity of the organisation can be increased.
  • The integration of SAP HANA helps the business authorities to refer and retrieve the data from any modules of the whole organisation.
  • The system manages large amount of data without data redundancy thereby allowing for the quick access of data through the multi-tier storage.
  • The constraint filter in the HANA is prompted during the designing phases that are applied before the query processing to give out relevant details.
  • The reusability of the application libraries helps to store the most accessed data which promotes for the fast retrieval of data.
  • The integration with the SAP can be made easily through quick fixing options that are used to run the database.
  • HANA is a light weight application servers that are included in the DB which gives out results in some open standards like tools ,UI Framework etc.,
  • The HANA is not only the database yet it contains the features that are out-of –box ranging from application process, transactional DB, reporting DB etc., that are designed for the enterprise applications.
  • SAP HANA studio is a tool that provides easy usage of data processing, customer support activities, support multiple interfaces based on the industry standards.
  • The designing of the HANA is different as it has the capability of data storage in column format and is compressed to enable easy accessing.


Expand the overall applications with reduced cost

The SAP HANA integrates the various applications that are already using the on-premise cloud storage and future application can also be encapsulated into the HANA cloud platform.

Security basis for various authorities

The SAP HANA provides security based on the authorization.

  • Public cloud gives out the details that can be accessed by all the professionals in the industry. It helps to gather all the information available on various modules.
  • Private cloud is restricted for accessing only to the legitimate employees of the organisation.
  • Market cloud gives the details in the customer point of view regarding the products, organisation’s details and alike to maintain the balance in the company’s ecosystem.


The SAP HANA simplifies the maintenance of complex operations in an organisation which deploys the various operations faster. The simplified process integrates all business functions in a cost-effective approach thereby promoting the competition among the various organisations.


The cloud connectivity service of the HANA is affordable to the small and large enterprises. This system indulges the customers and organisation to thrive the results faster at the lower cost. This affordability saves time, improving the productivity of the organisation.

Open platform

The HANA is an open platform on which certain standard rules are pertained making the database maintenance on cloud to be at the top providing security to the data.