SAP Cloud for customer

July 19, 2016

SAP Cloud For Customer

SAP Cloud For Customers is a customer solution software package designed by SAP to provide solutions related to the sales process. This cloud based ERP system is the CRM application for customer engagement and is available in 19 languages. It uses the various cloud platforms like software as-a-service, Infrastructure as-a-service and Platform as-a-service to integrate customer interaction with the organisation. SAP HANA is the base on which the cloud 4 customers is integrated. The main principle behind the C4C is to promote customer values in sales and services for effective management of the organisation. The SAP cloud 4 customers is based on certain design tools like engaging, connecting, cost effective and alike to promote the customer relationship with the organization. Some of the cities of UAE like Business Bay, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the business like petroleum, oil & gas company, construction materials production companies,metal fabrication companies, commercial trading companies, tourism companies, pharmaceuticals companies etc., prefer to have a healthy interaction with their customers to extend their workspace across various places. The C4C is customized to provide solutions on various business operations like sales, marketing, HR and Payroll integrated to have a friendly environment with the customers.

The SAP C4C is mainly focused on providing the key solution on sales with customer satisfaction. The customers are made eager to come back to purchase organisation’s products again and again.  Compared with other customer relationship applications the SAP C4C is found to be robust, mature and complete in issuing the solutions to the customer requests. It gains the 360 degree view on understanding the customer’s obligations within a moment. The notifications on the product can be made at any time from any locale through the mobile applications. The organisation can view the records of the current and past customers as it is readily available through the cloud storage. The C4C therefore adds a new value to the organization by satisfying the customers.

These mobile applications are available every time to the customers through the cloud platform engaging the users to have a friendly environment.

The functional capabilities of the SAP Cloud for Customers are


  • This functional feature of the SAP helps the customers in engaging them with the powerful vendors who supply the predominant products.
  • This system provides easy access to the customer information, real time analytics of data, social engagement and many more that goes beyond the traditional CRM system.
  • It improves the capabilities of taking right decisions and having conversation with the stipulated customers on right time.
  • Integrating the people with the unique tools that are required for them to engage them actively with the organisation to have a healthy journey on sales.


  • The digital engaged world needs better communication with the vendors before the purchase of the product. The services can be provided through e-mail, phone calls or through other social media.
  • The service portal of the organisation is branded for offering the service to solve the problems of the customers.
  • On the request of the customer regarding product purchase, the processing starts with communicating with the customers to know the specific needs of the customers.
  • The solution resolves the issues of the customers through a positive interaction with the service professionals. The service provides the solution to the customers issues which is flexible to the changing criteria.
  • At the end of the process the closing of the purchase tickets/order can be done easily. This helps the organization to analyse about the progress of sales.


  • The social media engagement helps the organisation to promote its reputation and branding of various products.
  • The sales and services can be engaged with the interaction that can be integrated with this functionality to provide great user experience.
  • The social engagement responds quickly about the various brands that are launched by the organisation. It stays connected with the customers.


ACCESIBILITY- The accessibility to various details on the product can be made through this system. It gives the details on the availability of the product, price, discounts and many other details at your finger tip to respond quickly. The accessibility is possible through the social media engagement.

INTEGRATION AND SOCIAL SELLING – The sales cycle in an organisation can be increased through integration with the sales team, partners, and customers. The social selling of the products improves the reputation of the organisation. This social selling helps to sell the company’s product to the customers neglecting wherever they are.

REPORTING –The reporting feature helps the organization to keep track of the daily business process. This feature helps the organisation to build and analyse where they have to improve their qualities and branding. The reporting feature gives the desirable details on the overall business sales.

SECURITY-The conversation with the customers are maintained with high security in order to ensure the fact that their details are accessed only by the authorized people in the organization. It simply means that customer details are hidden for external users.

COST EFFECTIVE – The C4C is designed in such a way that integrates all the sales activities of the organisation. The implementation of this system is cost effective as it reduces the manual errors and interaction through the web based solutions helping the sales team to uniquely identify customer requirements.