SAP Business One

July 19, 2016


SAP Business One is designed mainly for small to mid-sized enterprises (SME). The B1 can be implemented for the specific requirements of the customers. The software solutions that are provided by the SAP B1 help the organisation to manage the various business aspects. The SAP Business One is flexible to the changing business requirements that streamline various business operations like marketing, sales, finance, and customer relationship through a unified solution. The SAP B1 is trusted by 50000 companies over 150 countries by various industries to manage their business in a distinct manner. The SAP B1 captures all the business operations in a single, scalable approach to enhance their business trends.

In the UAE cities like Dubai, Business Bay, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the business like petroleum, oil & gas, metal fabrication, construction materials, textiles, tourism, steel etc., concentrate mainly on the effective management of their business. These industries range from small to the large enterprises. The usage of SAP B1 overrides the use of multiple software’s for the process management.  It is flexible and affordable through the clear visibility to all business solutions. The SAP B1 is best suited for the real time maintenance of the business operations as it allows in taking decisions through various dimensions.

Some of the features of SAP Business one includes,

  • Flexible
  • Affordable and adaptable
  • Increases productivity
  • Manages all business solutions
  • Report generation

The SAP B1 is considered as the ideal solution for all the business functionalities making the business concern to next level. The B1 solution enriches the customer relationship through which the organisation can yield more profit.

Features of SAP Business One


The SAP B1enables for the automatic entry of the product details of an organisation. This automatic system updates helps the organisation to be aware of the sales transactions that occurs in the industry. It views the financial status of the business concern with less manual intervention.


The placement of order by the customers is notified quickly and is processed in such a way that there is no delay on the processing.


The customers will be informed about their order fulfillment for each order, making them to know the exact status of their placement of order. This process provides the stock availability of various products thus avoiding the out of stock scenarios.


The sales process is automated by providing the details accurately on timely transactions. This real time synchronization helps the organisation to plan according to the updated inventory details.


The SAP B1 promotes for the review about the status of organisation on maintaining the quality standards and evaluating the business requirements on the sustaining and changing environment to maintain the business scalability.



The SAP B1’s automated environment helps to analyse the growing requirements of the business process. It gives a clear idea on what should be done on these upcoming demands of the organisation’s products.


The SAP B1 provides the specific applications on various industry standards. It gives the n number of specific solutions based on the company’s obligations.


The accessing of the business transactions are enriched in a way helping the business organisation to have a better communication with the customers by providing quick response to their requests.


The business one provides the reports on every transactions of the organisation. The crystal reports give the complete information of the business deals. This reporting tool helps to analyse the business process efficiently.


The solutions that are issued by the SAP B1 are ready to use fixing the amendments of the business organisation. This software solution improves the performance of the business organisation.


The SAP business one helps the employees to plan and integrate the number of materials required based on the demand generated for that product. This automated viewing of the on demand materials helps the employees to manage the requirements in simple and easy approach.


New fields can be added easily without any time delay in process. The information can be regarding the extended product information; description about vendors, customer’s obligations and so on can be added to ease the work of the organisation.


The SAP B1 maintains the data through the SAP HANA which is an in-memory platform that is used to store the data on the RAM instead of disk. This type of data storage helps the organisation to access and retrieve the data faster.  It therefore reduces the memory volume of the system to around 80%.


The warehouse management tells not only the details of the product, but also gives information on where it is located. This process removes the placement of fixed bins for the product storage. The warehouse structure helps the organisation to locate the empty bins and relocate it with product thereby maintaining optimal storage area which connects the different areas. The structure gives the data about the date of product expiry so that it can be shipped before it becomes out of date.


This is the process in which the product manufacturing is processed based on the customers ordering. This system reduces the waiting time of the clients by delivering the accurate product on time. Since B1 enables clear visibility towards the products it helps to adjust the production process so that efficient work can be done to produce the material.


The SAP B1 has the capability to extend according to the specific requirements of the industry thereby making the system to be customized to manage all the business functionalities. This extensibility feature can be easily indulged into the system as it is like an installation of various applications.


The B1 aids the organisation and the customers to trace the location of the product that is being shipped. This process tells about the details of where it is and when the customer gets it along with the availability of stock for other products of the concern.