SAP Business All-in-one

July 19, 2016

SAP All in One

SAP All in One is a SAP ERP solution that is drafted for medium to large enterprises. SAP All in One integrates end to end business functionalities making the business to be efficient. SAP All in One gives the business software in a unified format promoting the business organisation to next level according to the changing scenarios. These solutions can be readily configured according to the specific needs of the organisation. SAP All in One helps you to manage every operation from finance, human resources, inventory, payroll, sales, marketing to the customer services. In UAE, cities like Business Bay, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah most of the business organisations like petroleum, oil & gas Company, construction materials production companies, metal fabrication companies,tourism,trading etc., rely on maintaining their business activities efficiently. The SAP All in one integrates the key business functions to handle them in the real time environment thereby maintaining the database around all surfaces in and out of the distinct business activities.

Considering the cities of United Arab Emirates the business operations are huge which has to be maintained properly in order to get better results. The integration of this SAP ERP solution manages all the business application with a single software package enhancing the performance of the business concern. The vendors of this software are benefited as it is easy to manage than other software that is provided for every business activities. The solution can be provided to all range of business whatever the concept ruling their industries. The need for this highly qualified business process has been drastically increasing since it is helpful to meet the competition in the various business strategies. This system supports to do the business based on today’s and tomorrow’s process requests.

The popular functional areas of SAP All in one are

  • General ledger
  • Accounts maintenance
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • Finance management

With the SAP ALL IN One the organisation can,


This feature of SAP helps the industries to adapt for the changing scenarios. It focuses on the areas which are to be tailored to meet the industry standards. It provides superiors insight in maintaining the profitability of the industries.


The solution gives the results on various activities quickly so that the operations are done faster promoting for the return on investment in a short span of time. This capability helps the organisation to concentrate on optimizing applications that yield the investment back to them through various activities.


The SAP All in One integrates all the business functions with the clear visibility about every operation that is happening in the system. This fine tuning of various operations increase the efficiency and productivity of the organisation.


The SAP All in One provides the best practices method to manage the key functional areas of the business. This practices results in rapid development of the organisation with the reliable outcomes for the various efforts making the standard deployment of production reducing the occurrence of flaws in project implementation


The real time processing of the business activities makes the solution to be flexible to the changing criteria. The high proficiency to the organisation can be attained through the keen focus on the areas that are to be altered.


The implementation of SAP All in One is simple to be grasped by every industry who prompts to use it. The solution gives quick responses to the requests of the customers in a unified form that helps the organisation to be user friendly with the customers thereby engaging with more business deals. This direct interaction with the client request, process the sales orders quickly by doing all operations from billing to the delivery.


SAP All in One provides fast response to the customer requests to make them have good experience with the organisation. The users of this system can synchronize the activities like meeting, ordering product, appointments to the Microsoft Excel for further data analysis.


The SAP All in one is cost effective since it provides the solution to all business operations with a single software package that yields profit to the organisation. This streamlines the various business excellence operations at the lower cost enabling to be effective in the market.


The single desktop environment enables quick response to the intuitive requests of the customers. The integrated environment reduces the manual process such as data entry, stock maintenance and alike.


The All in One gives the complete and accurate report on the financial statements based on various transactions through which the productivity can be increased as it maintains the cash availability in the concern. The reporting process also gives the information on the overall activities from production to product delivery.