Windows App Development

July 19, 2016

Windows Application Development

The Microsoft Corporation has developed the mobile enterprise called Windows that functions similar to the personal computer. The mobile apps are developed which integrates the working methodology similar to the computer or laptops. The SAP software system is used to develop the mobile applications in which the business process can be incorporated. The business development software applications are developed for the windows operating system is used by wide range of people. The windows mobile is based on the CE Kernel which functions similar to desktop. A statistics says that nearly 90% of time is spent on accessing the apps, which had given the great idea to develop the mobile apps for the business development. The SAP ERP applications provide a superior way to manage the variety of business operations promoting the organisation’s value. The customers using the windows phone are benefited as it satisfies the growing needs of the customers. The business apps are useful to manage the operations within the organisation and also with it connect directly with the customers fulfilling their obligations.

In UAE cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the business process are incorporated into the mobile applications making them easy to handle the business process. Most of the business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction materials production companies, tourism, trading etc indulge the business operations in mobile applications so that more customer engagements gets happened. The business owners are provided with the capability to track and monitor the employees who are working in the organisation. The windows based phones now prevails in the market with increased number of users. The specified SAP mobile applications for the windows operating system make the business deals efficiently.

Features Available in Windows Mobile 

  • Universal apps that accepts most of the apps that are used to engage people with the outside world.
  • Supports for other operating system apps like Android.
  • Attractive home screen synchronization.
  • The windows mobile comes in many different colours that attract the users to stick on it.
  • The external and the internal storage are highly smart in windows mobiles thereby allowing the users to store the important data on the cloud.
  • The improved keyboard interface format can be resized according to the convenience of your fingers.
  • The windows interface is designed in an attractive format which makes the navigation to the app easier.
  • The attractive representation of the apps in the tile format helps to view the app details with single touch.
  • The windows mobile phones and the pc can be integrated together so that accepting or dismissing alerts in PC reflects in the mobile.



The business management process in the windows app helps to navigate the various tasks of the employees. This system tells the employees about the task assigned to them so that they will be aware of what they have to do.  These simple apps help the business people to do their work from any location improving the productivity.


The mobile applications promotes the business values of the organisation so that they attain the top position among the business trends through which the products are sold in higher range making the organisation to grasp market standards.


  • In the business point of view, the employees get the notifications during the crucial situations in which they have to take right decisions accordingly.
  • In the customer’s point of view, the customers get instant notifications on the launch of new products, addition of extra features through which the customers can grab the products of their desire.


The business organisations can keep track of the sales process through which the stock analysis can be done. This module gives all the details related to the sales like number of products available, its description, ordering to deliver status through which the sales estimates can be attained to business people.


The reports are customised for the customers and employees point of view.

  • In the customers point of view they get the reports on the products available, order placement, shipment to the delivery so that the customers can track the varied business process.
  • In the business point of view it collects all the reports from the customer service to feedback and it gets the automated reports on the employee’s contribution in developing the business.


The SAP mobility tools in apps help to collect all the details on the business management for the every action taken by the business people. The centered environment contains all the important information that is shared through the cloud platform.


The mobile apps which are available to every people in the organisation provide a better way of communication between the employees of all the departments though they are not personal engaged. This connectivity helps them to be aware of the on going process so that the productivity of the products in the organisation can be increased.


  • The reports that are gathered from the various sources are secured in such a way that only concerned authorities can take a look at it for clarifications.
  • The customer details like their name, mail id, and other sensitive information are stored in a separate database which is restricted for unauthorized access.
  • The business partner’s details are hidden based on the priority basis through which the data are in secured manner.