IOS App Development

July 19, 2016

Iphone Application Development

The SAP business based mobile application development on iOS gives access to the business properties through the iPhone and iPads. The collaboration of the Apple with the SAP enables to develop the software application for the mobile phones to manage the varied business operations. These apps are useful for small to high end business for tracking their business happenings from any location. The Apple Inc developed this iOS platform exclusively for the Apple hardware and is closed source. Nearly 33% of people in UAE use Apple devices. Through this SAP ERP process of an enterprise can be handled easily without stress. The customised application on the iOS platform for the HANA base helps to store the data on the cloud which can be accessed from any location. The applications are developed for all the Apple iOS platform devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Personal computers through which the business owners can access to their specific requirements. Since the iOS users are increasing day by day the integration of the SAP applications for various enterprise operations makes them to link with the customers to promote their business values. The iOS applications are adoptable for the changing business processes. It takes care of all the business operations from financial accounting to the customer support through the variety of applications that are developed to serve these purposes.

In UAE cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the estimated mobile users are in the increasing ratio, among which the iOS users are gradually increasing. In order to satisfy this range of customers the SAP and Apple together promote these business applications. Most of the companies like petroleum, oil & gas, construction materials production companies, trading, tourism, etc are incorporated with large number of people working for the development of the organisation. In order to have a better communication with the employees the SAP iOS mobile application plays a vital role. In the customer point of view the iOS users though less in number prefer for the applications that make them understand about the companies on which they indent to purchase the products. These user friendly applications help the customers to be engaged with the organisation for the long term.

Features of the IOS

  • 3d touch control centers
  • Bilingual keyboard
  • Cloud storage
  • Ability to remove default apps if it is not required
  • Better maps
  • Apps switcher to do multi tasking
  • Siri for developers etc are customized for the apple users to have a better user experience making them not to switch to other operating systems.



In the ios applications the data are protected in the secure format that it does not promote for the loss of data. The authorized professional of the organisation can access the data without time delay. Since the data can be stored on the cloud platform there is much less chance for the loss of data.


The dashboards serve like the quick response option that views the details on the sales activities, quotations etc for the user reference.


The system drives through the various inventories available for the organisation so that the stock of the various products along with the pictorial representation from the warehouse which maintains the stock.


The sales catalog helps to view the details regarding the various sales activities thereby minimizing the direct customer engagement yet improving the productivity of the sales process in an organisation. Since the data storage is on the cloud, it helps the business people to analyse the sales activities at whatever time they are in need of. They can make a graph on the sales process for weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Every business mainly looks at the satisfaction of the customers who are using their products. The system aims at maintaining the long term relationship with the customers in which they provide all the details regarding the various products of the organisation thereby making the users to understand the company’s service to the customers. The customers can search for their requirements and if it is not up to the mark they can make the feedback to the concern so that they work on it to improve their performance.


The system gives real time accessing to the business trends of the organisation. The customised approach tells users about the new products that are launched by the organisation so that the customers can pick up their options of desire through the updated notifications.


The mobile applications are organized in the way making fast and liable access to the required data. This feature helps the users to look at the information in stable format without any time delay. In the employees point of view the apps helps them to synchronise their daily activities so that they gets the remainder messages about what they should on every day.


The mobile applications give the detailed reports for every operation that are managed in the organisation. It gives the crystal reports for,

  • Sales and services provided to the customers
  • Queries of the customers are separately tagged in the cloud storage
  • Feedback of the customers are collected separately
  • In the organisations point of view the reports are generated for the performance of the employees
  • The production and the sales reports are exclusively collected for the auditing process etc


The sales related records are automatically recorded in the cloud database so that the business authorities can view or edit the documents through the mobile apps accordingly so as to improve the performance of the business concern.