Andriod App Development

July 19, 2016

Android Application Development

Android is an operating system that is developed by Google based on Linux open source platform for the smart phones which uses the touch sense capabilities. The Linux gives a predetermined set of kernel since it is an open source helping the application developers to start with their own core operations. The vendors of the SAP mobile applications can integrate their own business process and also communicate with the clients so that the highly qualified business operations can be mitigated easily. As a SAP partner our company develops various mobile applications that are helpful to the business organisation making their business to go in an organized format. The web development and the android application both are done for the branding of the business products. The enhanced customer support helps the business process in such a way that it involves customers more into their business process. As the smart phone users are more in UAE the development of the mobile applications are user friendly to engage the customers and business people. The SAP mobile apps for the business suite give the access to the most relevant business information.

In the cities of UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah most of the organisation like petroleum, oil & gas, construction materials production, tourism, trading etc use varied mobile applications that suite their business needs for which our company provide the constrained services. They are using these mobile applications to access the organisations information from any location. In the customer point of view the android applications are useful for them to deal with various business activities. The development of mobile applications is cost effective and simple format helping the business process to grow rapidly.

The best features of the android are,

  • Widgets
  • Customised home screen
  • Easy to use applications
  • Storage and connectivity
  • Removable storage and battery
  • Regular updates
  • Wireless app installation etc. making the users to be prone on android devices for long term.


DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT – The SAP android applications provide the digital environment in which the simple touch gives you all the information that the vendors are in need of. The digital environment connects the users, customers, business authorities to have the information updated.

SCHEDULING – The scheduling feature of the android app helps the employees to schedule their tasks manipulated in it so that they get notification on that time to enable them to do the process. Apart from the employees assigning schedules for themselves the higher authorities also gives information on what should they do on that day. This typical process helps to manage business process efficiently.

ARCHIVING – This gives visual information on the products of the company to the customers, based on which they can select the commodities that are required for them.

VIEWABLE PROFILE – The applications view the profile of the organisation through which the customers can collect the details regarding the working process and products of the organisation. In the business owner point of view they can view the profile of employees working in the concern, their contribution to the organisation etc.

TRADING – The applications helps to promote the sales process of the organisation’s products without considering the business type. The SAP Android application of the particular organisation helps the customers to view their available products, discounts, newly launched products etc through which the customers can pick the products of their desire.



The android applications that are developed through the SAP provide the access to the information required through authentication procedure.

  1. In the customer point of view it collects all the required details as log-in information for varied security reasons. Once after collecting these information the customer will be permitted to access the details that are needed for them.
  2. In the organisation point of only the authorized professional will have the full control on maintaining the application process. Through this process the organisation provide distinct access control capabilities to every individual of the organisation.


The android supports for multiple languages through which the users can view their information on their comfortable language thereby making them to analyse the descriptions easily.


The android application for business management gives the alert messages during all the crucial situations in the organisation. The system thereby helps the business authorities to be aware of the business trends.


The business management application provides user friendly environment with the customers and the employees of organisation. This system helps to have a healthy and long lasting relationship with the customers thereby developing the contest between the similar industries.


The customised android application helps to get approvals from the senior authorities without meeting them on personal. The integration functionalities have a separate module for applying the requests through with the concerned authorities can see to it and grant confirmations accordingly.


The customers based on their experience gives their feedback which is mingled with the positive and negative reviews. These reviews are viewed by the concerned organisation’s authorities and the report is prepared in order to discuss with the employees to improve their service.


The integration of the mobile applications to carry on with the business process helps the organisation not only to interact with the customers but also to improve their productivity through which the efficiency can be increased by fulfilling the requirements of the clients.