Mobile App Development

July 19, 2016

Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones have become important accessory to the entire people worldwide. The survey says that more than 73% of people use mobile phones in UAE with the continuous increase in the ratio. Mobile phones are not just used for calling and receiving phone calls but also it allows send/receive text, e-mails, as well as accessing the internet for varied purposes. Mobile application development means the application software that is designed to operate the various features similar to the personal computers. The integration of the mobile applications with the company’s products helps to brand the business process. This software development helps to engage more number of customers into the organisation’s products to balance their workflow.

The people of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, Business Bay of UAE penetrate the Middle East countries in mobile phone users. The e-commerce, tourism, shopping based companies depends mainly on these mobile applications to sell their products. Nowadays, the customers communicate with the business organisation either through website or the mobile apps to analyse the varied products and services of the business concern. Therefore the development of mobile based application for every business environment makes the enlargement of the business thereby acts like a bridge in marketing the company standards. The SAP ERP designs various software products for the mobile applications that directly interact with the customers to develop the end to end business process. Most of the SAP companies develop the mobile applications for their customers to stand ahead in their business.

Some of the important features of the mobile applications are,

  • Compatible and easy to use
  • Increase the relationship with the business owners and customers
  • The augmented reality helps to view the products differently.
  • The integration with the social media helps to analyse the growth of the business products
  • The various flexible options help to have a better user experience.


ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning which is used to collage all the business operations. The ERP mobile applications help to streamline the varied business process to promote their business values. The ERP for mobile gives a better solution to increase the potentiality of their processing. The vendors of the ERP mobile applications are benefited in increasing the sales operations of their products. The ERP mobile applications can be developed not only for the online transactional based companies but also for the industries that helps to smoothen the business operation through which the employees are connected together to be updated of what their business is currently doing.

The business owners cannot be at the industry all the time monitoring the business operations. In order to make them aware of the happenings of the organisation the ERP mobile applications gives all the information that is required. With a single click the business owner can communicate with the employees of the organisation. The tracking of the employees on various scenarios like punctuality, working skills, etc can be done along with the tracking of company’s assets through these mobile apps. This estimation helps to manage the business efficiently.

The ERP mobile applications give the following benefits to the organisation,

  • The mobile apps enhances the customer support through its simple design helping them to use it conveniently making them not use other apps which popularizes the company’s service.
  • The ERP apps provide faster access to all the modules in the application which helps to increase the quality of service provided by the organisation.
  • The integrated apps collect the feedback from the customers through which the flaws of their business operations can be noticed and corrected.
  • The application for the business organisation helps them to have a better communication between the employees and higher authorities to direct them at the profitable way.
  • The reports on the employee’s performance can be tracked at any time irrespective of their location.
  • The alerts and notifications on the business operations to the employees help them to be aware of the events/task that is to be done by them.
  • The tracking and analyzing the user experience is an important fact that helps to analyse their requirements so that the organisation can work on it to improve the user experience.
  • The applications increase the competition with the similar organisations through the real time and spot reply to the client’s requests.

Therefore the implementation of the ERP mobile applications to engage customer relationship and within organisation apps helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organisation.


SAP stands for System, Applications and Products which is used to operate various business functions. The integration of the SAP software encourages serving the customers in an organized manner thereby fulfilling their obligations. The SAP mobile applications are developed in such a way that it helps to take care of the business functions without errors thus making them to be on top of varied businesses. The customised SAP solutions help the vendors to manage their business operations in such a way that they connect all the employees within the organisation. They can notice every activity of their employees so that their performance can be increased.

SAP for mobile integrate the cross platform on mobile app development to manage the varied business process through which the highly scalable operations of the business like finance, HR, sales, payroll, marketing to the customer relationship which helps to enhance the business process. The customer satisfactory application makes them to stay with that app to deal with distinct purchase operations.SAP Fiori is one of the platform in SAP which helpful for porting the varied applications on to the mobile devices is useful in handling SAP mobile apps.

SAP for mobile offers the following functionalities,

  • The waiting time of the customers in knowing the details about the particular company products can be reduced through the information provider on hand which simply means mobile apps.
  • The SAP mobile app gives enhanced support to the customers in providing the notification on the new products of the company on which the customer might be interested.
  • The SAP app gives security to the details of the customers through various privacy policies ensuring that their details are not shared with the unauthorized sources.
  • The SAP for mobile are easy to install and use without more initial investment thereby having the data storage efficiently.
  • The owners of the organisation are benefited in knowing the status of their organisation though they are not physically present. They can fetch all the necessary details about the status of the organisation along with their employees working methodologies.
  • The pre-packaged mobile development software application helps to manage the business process in a customised form making them to process the business deals easily in the user friendly approach.