iNexus Cloud ERP

July 19, 2016

INexus ERP

The iNexus ERP is the new approach based on cloud ERP system that is used to handle the operations of the small and midsized enterprises. The iNexus ERP is an own product of Indus Novateur which is designed mainly to handle the business solutions like workshop, retails, manufacturing etc. The working of this system is similar to other ERP solutions in which it takes care of all the operations that prevail in an organisation. It tracks various operations like finance, marketing, sales, HR and Payroll etc through this standalone on-premise software. This system helps the small scale industries who cannot afford much to maintain their routine activities of the organisation. The integration of iNexus ERP in the organisation helps them enrich their business values. The Vendors of this cloud ERP are able to make their business operations in an organized format.

In the cities of UAE like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah there are many small scale businesses like travel agencies, trading, car rentals, speciality schools, and security services etc., benefited a lot through this system making them to access the whole activities of their business through a single software application. The system gives high return on investment that promotes the business to compete with the superior organisations. The iNexus cloud ERP manages to store the entire database of the organisation in the cloud rather than storing it on the cloud. This aids to access the data through the internet.

The ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is business software that is used to integrate the leading business operations of an organisation. The ERP system is used to bind the core parts of the business that are processed through the automated system. This process identifies the business resources that are used to manage the entire activities of the business concern. The ERP system has the advantage of streamlining the business solutions through which the productivity of the organisation can be increased in a cost effective manner.

Benefits of the Cloud ERP


The initial cost of the system is reduced as the administrative process is handled through the cloud system. The cost of the system is predictable and it has less investment on the upfront of the system. It does not need any hardware investments.


The cloud ERP gives the security management to the whole data for the vendors of the solution. This enables high scalability to the organisation in maintaining the data. The accessing of the data is done faster with accuracy.


The implementation of the business activities can be controlled by the organisation. The cost and the time required for the implementation process is less compared to other systems since the hosting and accessing are done on the web server.


The ERP applications have the greater ability to customize the business process as per their wish. This process means that the vendors have the access to change the process of various activities according to the changing criteria.


The cloud ERP system works in an organized form which requires only the steady internet connection to perform the business activities. Through this system all the in-house operations of the business can be handled easily providing better performance than the already existing systems.


The cloud based ERP offers support over 24/7 through which the issues can be solved quickly. This support gives the information updated to the organisation. Through this the security updates and other relevant information can be noticed quickly. By this the productivity of the employees can be improved as it notifies the external hacking of the ERP applications.



The process of acquiring the products can be improved through this system providing the following features

  • Purchase information on various products from the order to the delivery can be maintained in the system.
  • The tracking of the requests on the products can be made by the customers.
  • The redundancy of the data can be avoided through the efficient handling of the data.
  • The details on the ordered products can be tracked till it is delivered to the concerned person. The quotations can be compared with other suppliers also.
  • The reports on the various processes from ordering to the delivery of the products are maintained updated in the system.


  • The data warehouse is used to track the real time visibility of the various products along with the availability of the products.
  • This feature tells the organisation about their status in the market i.e. competition with other similar business organisations can be analyzed.
  • The status of the balance sheet whether it is increased or decreased can be analyzed through which the stock of the inventories can be managed.
  • The reporting feature keeps the record from order to sales of the product with stock maintenance.
  • Stock reconciliation and revaluation of various products on their stock, order, purchase and delivery can be analyzed. This system is helpful to prepare the balance sheet of the organisation.


  • The BOM (Bill on Materials) can be maintained through the cloud ERP system.
  • The visibility is provided to the WIP (Work in Process) of various order products that are still construction.
  • The reports are generated for the details on the raw materials, ongoing products, and the cost of production is automatically generated on timely basis.


  • The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is maintained through which the database is maintained on the customers involved in the sales process with the organisation.
  • The conformation reports on the purchase of the products can be analyzed through the cloud system which enables the sales persons to look at the growth of sales.
  • The sales community can track the availability of stock through which the production of new products can be managed.


  • This feature helps to analyse the process that are associated with the vehicles manufacturing and selling organisation.
  • It helps to know the details of the vehicles like the model, its mileage, price from the cloud database.
  • The job cart of the vehicles purchased can be maintained which can be integrated with the finance and inventory features to maintain the accurate reports.


  • The information from the startup to the completion of the project can be tracked through this system.
  • The estimations can be made for the products that are required for project can be reported.
  • The actual cost of the project is calculated and integrated with the finance and inventory process.


  • Visa/Passport/and other documents expiry time is alerted.
  • Census for the Air Ticket and the quota can be analyzed.
  • The iNexus ERP compensates the salary based on the leave regulation by the employee.
  • The system calculates the gratuity, accruals for the stipulated persons


  • The graph of accounts is managed in the inventory.
  • The payments/receipts on the purchase of goods are stored on the cloud.
  • The exchange rates of the foreign currency takes place through the bank reconciliation process.
  • The integration with other modules maintains the database of finance accurately.
  • The cloud database maintains the ledger and reports on various purchase orders automatically.