Vehicle Tracking System

July 19, 2016

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system is a method that is used to track the location of the vehicles through the GPS enabled system. The system pictures the location of the vehicle through automated software system capturing the exact location. The live tracking of the vehicles through the online system helps the vendors of this system to locate and manage their vehicles efficiently. The business organisations use this system to utilize their vehicle intellectually to deliver their products to customers on the stipulated time. The system uses the integration of hardware and software components to track the location of the fleet. This is cost effective yet powerful mechanism to track and monitor the vehicles.

The cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah of UAE the industries like petroleum, oil & gas, trading, construction materials, metal fabrication, pharmaceuticals, tourism etc., rely on their vehicles to deliver their products on time. This smooth vehicle management system helps the organisation to have a healthy coordination with the clients. The GPS enabled vehicle tracking system shows updations for 24/7 adding security and safety to the organisation and customers. The VTS is considered to be an important activity that should be managed by various organisations for effective utilization of their fleet.


The evolution of this system is mainly to find the route on the travel through GPS system. This automated system slowly emerged to track and manage the location of the fleet from any location. Beyond simply tracking the location of the vehicles, this system is helpful to manage the drivers engaged with the organisation. The business like travels and tourism where the service to customers plays a prior importance use this system to track the fleet that is near to the customer to improve the service provided to them.  This system is nowadays used by most of the organisations to track their fleet that are engaged in delivering products to the customers.


Mobile based tracking

The mobile based tracking system is easily adoptable to the users. The mobile based system tracks and sends the updated information through a predetermined time period based on the choice of users. This system is cost effective yet provides the same results as using with the personal computer. This system is monthly paid system.

Wireless tracking system

The wireless system requires onetime payment during the purchase and installation of the system. This passive tracking is not done at real time but this can be resolved by installing an additional model into the system. This add-on tool enables the real time tracing of the vehicles.

Real time satellite tracking

This is the most pre dominant tracking system used by various organisations. This system works wide throughout the nation to track the fleet. This VTS system is useful to various organisations like shipping, trading companies etc, to track on real time. It gives detailed reports about the fleet even in the areas without cellular coverage.


The GPS vehicle tracking system is used to locate the position of the vehicle on real time through the Google maps. This system is helpful to the companies to control and plan their transportation accordingly. The GPS tracing system provides efficient services to their customers through on time delivery. The satellite is used to track and provide the details to the server.


  • It monitors the vehicle for 24/7 during motion and at idle.
  • The GPS enabled VTS safeguards the vehicle from theft and illegal usage.
  • It gives the detailed report from the start to end process.
  • The GPS system helps the organisation to provide better customer service.
  • The system gives the digital mapping information to locate the vehicles through the internet or some specialized software.
  • The vehicle tracking hardware is fitted to the vehicle in such a way it is not visible to the people outside. It tracks the information and sends the digital information to the host system.
  • The GPS encapsulated VTS system allows the administration to have the whole control over the vehicle reducing the maintenance cost.
  • The system gives the updations for every minute to generate report that is useful to analyse the performance of the vehicle.
  • The driver can thick logically during their travel as it gives the shortest routes to reach the destination through the avoidance of wrong routes.
  • The system helps to utilize the idle time of the vehicle and also uses the vehicle that is located near to the customers place.