Temperature Monitoring Systems

July 19, 2016

Temperature Monitoring System

The temperature monitoring system plays a vital role in analyzing the temperature of the fleet that carries highly sensitive temperature maintenance related products. The business organisation and the customers rely on this tracer solution called temperature monitoring system to maintain the temperature of the fleet during the shipment of the products. The materials like medicine, drugs, perishable goods, ice creams, food etc should be transported with core concentration of the specific temperature of the refrigerator. In order to avoid the mis happenings due to the irregular temperature maintenance the temperature monitoring system provides a great solution in proper delivery of the products. The integration of this GPS enabled system ensures the proper maintenance of the fleet carrying stock to ensure the temperature control.

In the UAE cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the most of the business like petroleum, oil & gas, trading, pharmaceuticals, fishing, etc rely on the transportation of their products to the customers. This business process requires ideal transportation of their products in order to satisfy the customers for their long term relationship with the organisation. The GPS enabled temperatures monitoring system captures the temperature of the fleet’s reefer and also outside environment automatically over a pre determined time period. This recording system gives the alerts on the change of temperature for adjusting the reefer temperature accordingly.

 The online temperature monitoring system reduces and promotes the,

  • The manual operation of maintaining the temperature
  • Adjusting temperature range based on the stock
  • To adopt for real time tracking of the fleet’s temperature
  • Avoids the wastage of stock during the production and shipment process
  • The real time monitoring gives alert during irregular situations
  • Reports are generated for the each trip made.
  • The wireless monitoring system updates the details for every step eliminating the manual errors.


EASY INSTALLATION- The system is easy to install into the fleet and this affordable solution gives the online mapping about the temperature of the fleet through the GPS system through which the organisation gets benefited.

MONITORING –The temperature monitoring system is used to monitor the temperature of the fleet’s reefer constantly so that it checks the temperature based on the predefined stated temperature. When the temperature of the fleet goes beyond or under the stated temperature the alerting to the concerned authorities can be made.

ALERTING – The alerting system is used to give the SMS/e-mail to the end users when the critical temperature of the reefer goes wrong. The monitoring system is used to collect the data from the vehicle and sends it to the web server when the circumstances are not met. The phone alert is also possible as the system is been established with the server connectivity. The alarming system is provided for various applications like,

  • Food processing
  • Vaccine storage
  • Medicine storage
  • Perishable goods
  • Pharmacies

COST EFFECTIVE – As this system continuously monitors the temperature of the reefer this system reduces the loss to the organisation due to irregular maintenance of temperature. The usage of these sensors optimizes the temperature of the fleet neglecting the loss of customers to the organisation.

EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY- As this system is enabled with the real time monitoring of the fleet it greatly increases the efficiency of the organisation in providing the best quality products to the customers. This positive feedback from the customers makes them to engage with the organisation continuously thereby increasing the productivity of the business organisations.

SAFETY- The commodities carried by the fleet is not only cold but also hot products like petroleum, oil& gas, etc in which the maintenance of the temperature is a primary task. When the heat temperature goes beyond a limit it leads to disruptions. The temperature monitoring system maintains that warmth temperature in order to provide safety to the drivers and outside environment.

REPORTS-The reports are automatically sent to the host server regarding the temperature monitoring system which is done through the GPS system that consists of satellite communication establishment for keen monitoring basis. The accurate reports are sent to the data server that can be stored in the server or cloud for future usage.


The ultimate goal of using this system is to deliver the quality products to the customers overcoming the challenges on maintaining the optimum temperature. The installation of this system has the following benefits.

  • Complete control of the temperature maintenance is with the organisation.
  • The system gives the return on investment to the customers through the service provided to the customers.
  • The system promotes the competition with the similar transportation companies through their quality service.
  • It gives minute by minute report about the temperature of the reefer through real time tracking.
  • The mobile applications available help the users of this system to get the alerts, updates, reports easily irrespective of their location.
  • The system is suitable for the transportation vehicles like trucks, cars, dumpers, rails that are mainly used for transporting huge commodities.
  • The live mapping system tells the location of the fleet which is used to analyse the outside temperature through the sensors that are fitted outside the fleet.