School Bus Tracking System

July 19, 2016

School Bus Tracking System

The school bus tracking system caters a predominant solution in ensuring the safety of the school children. The integration of this tracking system in the school bus helps the organisation to promote the security of the children as the system provides automated solution through the GPS facility. The reliable solution greatly reduces the stress of the drivers who are ultimately responsible for maintaining the safety of the children boarding into the bus. The integration of this system is useful to all the parents though they are not using the internet, as it gives the alerts through the SMS. If the school buses are automated with this system it helps to maintain the buses efficiently with the daily reports.

In UAE cities like Dubai, Business Bay, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the school bus tracking system is very much useful since it strengthens the safety of the children. The emirates are very much concerned about the safety of the children as the UAE government recently announced that the school buses should be digitalized so as to improve the quality in making the children to be comfortable. They regulate a rule that this tracking system is a must which is to be implemented in every school bus. Therefore, the whole responsibility to safeguard the children is on the school once they are picked up from the location.

The students are monitored through the GPS which are linked with the RFID reader to establish the location of the children. The tracking system alerts and notifies the information to the parents and the organisation to ensure the safety of the children. The smart bus system uses the various methods to take care of the students belonging to their institution. It adopts the methods like route planning, mapping, and emergency management to promote the smart bus system to go focused in their efficient bus management. The e-attendance system in the tracking system helps to analyse the presence of students boarding on to the bus.


The working methodology of school bus tracking system is simple to adopt and analyse. The GPS tracking device is attached to the fleet to be monitored and the synchronization of alerting system is made to the school and parents. The GPS then starts tracking the fleet once it is boarded from a point. The parents get the notification when the bus comes near their stop avoiding their waiting time. Once if the children are boarded into the bus, alerts are made to parents and organisation. The system tells the location of the school bus for real time tracking of the fleet. The GPS based system gives the information on the pickup and drop of the children and also alerts for boarding of wrong bus by the student. It also gives information if the student gets down in the wrong junction which is great solution to enhance the safety of the children.


  • SAFETY The first and the foremost reason for implementing this system is to promote the safety of the children. This system informs the parents about the arrival and departure time of the bus along with the pickup and drop of their children instantly. The notifications are sent to the concerned authorities during the rash driving by the driver, emergency alerts etc.
  • TIME – The system reduces the waiting time of the students. It alerts the parents when the bus comes near to their location so that they can come on time to board their children on to the bus. The process also eliminates the manual collection of details about the fleet due to the automated system reducing errors.
  • SCHEDULES – This system helps to manage the scheduling of the bus through the automatic monitoring system. The system provides the efficient route management system in accordance with the pickup of the children. This system alerts for the violations of the exact route which saves the time and manage the process efficiently.
  • COST EFFECTIVE – Through this GPS system the amount spent on maintaining the fleet can be reduced as it monitors the performance of the bus 24/7. This system reduces the cost of maintenance and fuel cost through the efficient route management system saving the funds of the school.
  • NOTIFICATIONS – The system is connected to the parents and the school in which it gives notification to them on the location of the bus. The messages are sent to the parents and organisation authorities when the bus comes in and goes out of the school. The pick and drop, change of route are intimated through this system reducing the stress on safeguarding the children.
  • IMPROVES DRIVERS SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY – The functioning of the fleet can be noted through which the impact of releasing pollutants can be minimized paving way for eco friendliness. As this system gives the optimized solution it enhances the drivers safety as they are aware of the status of the bus avoiding the occurrence of accidents.
    • RECORDS – The system tracks the bus activities and generates the automatic records without colliding the man power. The accurate reports are generated to the web server through which the cons of the maintenance can be noted to enhance better performance. The system provides the reports on daily basis which can be saved for future use.


The GPS enabled school bus tracking system gives lots of benefits to parents, school organisation and drivers helping them to manage the children effectively.

In the PARENTS point of view this system helps them to,

      1. Track the location of their children from any place.
      2. Gets notification on the status of the arrival and departure time of the bus.
      • Tells them that their children is picked up and dropped at exact location
      1. Tells if the student gets down at the wrong destination.
      2. Tells them if the child has not boarded into the bus.

In the ORGANISATION point view it helps them to

      1. Promote the safety of their school children.
      2. Manage the fleet efficiently in order to cut the irrelevant cost and also the performance of the driver can be analysed.
      • Monitors and the automatic reports help them to improve the service provided.
      1. The regulation of the government and the parents requests are met by this system
      2. The system earns fame and name to the organisation for their calibrated support given by them to their school children