Remote Generator Tracking and Monitoring System

July 19, 2016

Remote Generator Tracking System

The use of generators has become vital role for the business organisations, as it is the key to operate the business functions without any power fluctuations during emergency situations. The GPS enabled generator tracking and monitoring system helps to manage the operations of generators from remote location. Since the generators are expensive products the monitoring of these commercial Gensets helps the organisation to reduce the burden of its losses. The integration of this system gives the details about the generator 24/7 while it is running or idle. This system does not need any physical support to visually monitor the generators activities. This wireless technology saves time thereby increasing the performance of the generators.
In UAE the emirates like Dubai, Business Bay Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the industries like petroleum, oil &gas, construction materials production companies, trading, textiles etc can use this system as they put in much effort for maintaining the generators. This system helps to have an optimum performance of the generators. The various parameters of the Genset like its temperature, fuel condition, engine condition etc can be noted from remote locations. The reports are provided through the email/SMS that tells the information instantly. It also tells the status of how long it would backup the power helping the organisation to find a new source immediately.


Most of the generators are placed in the remote location with constrained access difficult to visually access as it is placed at remote locations. The GPS enabled generator monitoring system helps the organisation to have an eye on the functioning of generator whenever it is required. This system helps to understand the irregularities in the Genset functioning so that the disadvantages of performance backlogs can be improved. It helps the organisation authorities to have the full control on the generators. The satellite based communication provides quick details to the data center in which the information has to be stored.


The GPS enabled Genset monitoring system gives the details of the generators through the wireless technology. The sensor that are placed inside the generator senses and sends the information like the temperature, battery status, fuel level to the web server available at remote location. The data stored on the cloud server is useful for accessing the data globally since it captures the information through the satellite. The concerned authorities can have a look on this information to improve the service provided through the generators. The reports generated provide accurate information on the generator on real time basis.


  • Affordable to all range of industries
  • Internet based monitoring system
  • Remote start and stop of generators
  • Reduces fuel theft by monitoring the consumption
  • Battery and the engine status are noted periodically
  • Reduces the operational cost of the generators
  • Provides support for 24/7
  • Risk of failure is reduced
  • No investment on infrastructure
  • Reports on the utilization of the generators
  • Oil, pressure coolant level details
  • Run time of the generator
  • Portable and fixed generators can be tracked and monitored.


RELIABILTY- Generator provides a great solution during the power fluctuations; these alternate solutions for power failure should be reliable in such a way that it works constantly. The reliable solution helps in providing the brand to the organisation since the customers get a better service from the organisation.

REAL TIME TRACKING – The remote monitoring system provides instant access to the generators from the start to the end working of the generator. The system provides the data access through the communication with the satellite making the promotion to the organisation in maintaining the assets. This system provides improved customer service without any delay in the work done.

ALARMS- The remote generator tracking system gives alarm to the users when there is any issue in the functioning of the Genset. The notifications are sent to the data center in case if there are any fluctuations. The alarming is done on the following criteria’s,

  • On/Off by remote connection is established
  • Fuel level is low
  • Service needed
  • Engine functioning abnormally
  • Updations needed

STATUS – The status of the generator usage is noted periodically and the noted information’s are taken for the review. The status graph tells about the consumption of the fuel, its temperature, total running hours etc that can be mentored in order to improve the efficiency of the generators.

REDUCE FUEL WASTAGE- Sometimes there may be wastage of fuel from the tank due to the irregular maintenance leading to the wastage of the fuel. The monitoring system gives a solution to this approach by alerting the organisation so as to improve the productivity.

INDEPENDENT – The system avoids the intervention of manual operation by admitting a man power. This independent system safeguards the generator through automatically working providing the solution to the organisation on the functioning of the Genset.

MONITORS ENGINE STATUS – The constant functioning of engine is an essential point in the generator. If the engine runs out of fuel then it leads to a great damage hitting the economy. The GPS enabled generator monitoring system alerts when the engine drains out of fuel or other malfunctioning of the engine’s operations.

BATTERY MAINTENANACE – The battery failure occurs mainly due to the low level of electrolyte cells. Frequent failure occurs due to the charger breaker being opened or tripped due the manual operating system. The Remote monitoring system provides a better solution to avoid the failure of the batteries.

MOBILE APPLICATIONS – The remote monitoring system helps the remote accessing of the Genset through various mobile applications that gives them alert on the proper functioning of the generator. It also enables them to operate from remote location with the actual reports for every running activity with total control to the authorities.

COST REDUCTION – The system reduces the cost of the maintenance and illegal usage which has high impact on the economy of the organisation. The energy consumption detail helps the management to decide the amount that is to be spent on this asset maintenance.