Remote Asset Tracking and Monitoring System

July 19, 2016

Remote Asset Tracking System

The tracer system gives a great solution in maintaining the safety and security of the asset located at the remote location. The integration of this asset monitoring system into the precious assets of the organisation helps the business organisation to track and monitor their asset at any time. Imagine if the transportation of the organisation is loaded with the most valuable equipments then the monitoring of these would give a piece of mind to the vendors during the batching process. The remote asset monitoring system serves as a better half in organizing the business activities since the organisation invest more on trading the products to the customers. The system not only takes care of the moving assets but also the fixed assets that are available inside the organisation. The tracking of these assets working condition is an important task to be managed by the organisation. The tracking system broadcast the location of the asset wherever it is irrespective of the location in order to improve the business standards.

The UAE cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the most business process like petroleum, oil & gas, construction materials production, trading, tourism etc are encapsulated with the large number of assets to manage their business. The fixed and the movable asset are to be maintained in such a way that they increase the economy of the business concern. The GPS enabled asset monitoring system gives the exact information paving the way to increment the economy of the organisation. This automated system helps the tracking and monitoring of asset efficiently. This automated system tells the report on the rarely and unused assets through which the cost maintenance on those assets can be reduced. The ready to use system helps in installing it in the system easily making the organisation to improve the service provided to the customers.


  • To promote the safety to the asset
  • Maintaining the asset efficiently
  • Adds security to the asset
  • The system manages the asset in an organized format that helps for auditing the reports easily
  • Real time tracking and monitoring of the asset performance
  • To increase the efficiency and productivity of the organisation
  • Live updations about the key areas to be concentrated for securing the asset
  • Easy management of the warehouse of the organisation locating where the asset is placed
  • Promotes for Solving the issues easily thereby increasing the accountability
  • Earn the pride to the organisation enabling them to meet high standards
  • Maximize the efficiency of the employees and asset
  • Promotes the safety and security to the various assets
  • Cost effective approach to handle the various assets
  • Alerts during on and off condition


  • The remote asset tracking system which monitors the fixed and dynamic assets of the organisation through the GPS enabled system. Once if the GPS sensors are installed into the system it monitors the details regarding the location, its functioning, its current moving speed, etc and share these information to the host server through which the organisation can collect the details accordingly.
  • In case of the static assets the GPS system monitors the information on the overall running time, amount of production to the organisation, the RPM rate of the machineries etc are produced to the web server which can be analysed by the organisation to enhance the business performances.
  • Both the static and dynamic asset maintenance is important to the organisation since these assets helps in making the organisation’s value in such a way that the customers will have long term bonding with them.


Avoids illegal usage – the system is designed in such a way that it monitors every movement of the asset ensuring no illegal activity could take place. The theft of the fuel or the sparse parts cannot take place due to this strict monitoring system.

Improves capability – the system notes the pros and flaws on the working of the fleet and works towards those process to make them capable of doing the operations effectively.

Mobile apps – the mobile applications are available to the tracking system which helps the concerned authorities to look at the functioning modules of the asset to promote the business values.

Reduce cost- As this system monitors the overall functions of the asset without any break, it helps them to reduce the amount of operational cost increasing the economy of the organisation.

Better communication – the system provides better communication between the employees of the organisation making them to increase the productivity of the various products. The companies increase the overall cost of the business ethics.

Inventory management – the asset management system automatically monitors the inventory in which it counts for the number of products available with which the stock maintenance of the organisation can be managed. Through this the success of the organisation can be made easy.

Department based reports – the system gives the information for the usage of fixed assets based on the departments which helps to understand the working of the equipments and also to easily find the asset that are not functioning properly so that it helps to manage the assets efficiently.

Sensors – the inbuilt sensors that are fixed into the asset helps to sense every action associated with the asset through the RFID tags that encrypted with the GPS system helps to analyse and integrate the information and sends it to the centralized system.

On time – the asset monitoring system leads the organisation to save time on preparing the reports on the production through various reporting tools that saves time for the auditing. These efficient tools help to maintain the data efficiently since the GPS system gives the details accurately.

Stand in the market – the GPS tracking system helps the organisation to manage their assets in a manner that override their competition in the market making them to be superior among their competitors.