Fuel Monitoring Solutions

July 19, 2016

Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel monitoring system is the process of monitoring the level of fuel in the vehicle remotely through the GPS system. As the fuel price is going on increasing day by day, the monitoring and controlling of fuel consumption has become a major task to all the business organisations. The GPS enabled fuel monitoring system helps to monitor the fuel level in the vehicles. The sensors are installed on the fuel tank to monitor the varying level of fuel in the tank. The system helps to monitor the location and time of filling the fuel in tank. This system can be indulged in any fleet irrelevant of their size. The integration of this system helps to enrich the ideal value of the business environment. This system is used to store the data in the computerized format.

In the emirates of UAE like Business Bay, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the main business are trading, petroleum, oil & gas, construction materials, metal fabrication, pharmaceuticals, tourism etc., depend on the fleet to deliver their products to the customers. These industries afford more money on the fuel for the fleet which has a separate scale in maintaining the organisations economy. The implementation of this system helps to reduce the cost on fuel by thorough monitoring of the fuel in the fleet reducing the amount spent on fuel.


The fuel monitoring system is essential to the trading based organisations as it is the key to every transportation. FMS should be used for,

  • Monitoring the fuel level for whole day and during every trip.
  • Avoiding the theft of fuel.
  • To note the re-filling of fuel along with time and location.
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet.
  • Manage the economy spent on the fuel.
  • Reports the fuel status instantly.
  • Reduces the manual calculation of the distance covered by the vehicle since it is proportional to the fuel consumed by the vehicle.
  • The speed and the idle times of the vehicles can be reduced.


The working of FMS is simple to analyse. The fuel is monitored through the sensor that is fitted on the fuel tank. The sensor therefore starts to monitor the fuel in the fleet. The real time tracking of the system monitors the details accurately on much fuel is being consumed for every km. The reports are generated for every drop of fuel consumed by the vehicle though it is small or big. The FMS is provided which the mobile applications that helps the monitoring of fleet from any remote location. The fuel monitoring system does not collide with other systems involved in monitoring.  The authorities of the organisation can monitor the status of fuel whenever they need and also alerts for the sudden drop in the fuel level.


TRACKING The GPS enabled fuel monitoring system tracks the fuel consumption on the vehicles along with the distance travelled by it throughout the day. This system tracks the issues with the vehicle before it becomes a big problem.

AVOIDS THEFT – The FMS reduces the theft of fuel by keen monitoring of the fleet. The system avoids the fuel slippage or over consumption of fuel through accurate reporting feature. It alerts the organisation during the illegal activities under held with the fuel in the fleet.

COST REDUCTION – The cost of the fuel consumption can be reduced since this process avoids the fuel theft and tracking system provides the shortest route which promotes for the reduced fuel consumption increasing revenue to industry.

UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION – The vehicles are provided with the unique identification number which is linked with the host system to monitor the vehicle. Through this system the mis-directed vehicles or the thefted vehicles can be found easily. This helps the vehicle owner to recover their vehicle without high damage.

MONITORS SPEED – As the Fuel level consumption differs according to the speed of the fleet the monitoring of that is an essential task. This monitoring of the speed can reduce the level of fuel consumed increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

INCREASED TRIPS – the system is used to analyse the idle timing of the fleet through which the number of trips can be increased improving the productivity through the fleet. The increasing trips can analyse the performance of the drivers.

ACCURATE RECORDS – The records about the fuel consumption are maintained regularly in the database to compare the level of fuel being consumed every day. This system prevents the data to be accessed by unauthorized employees of the organisation. The system also estimates the efficiency of the drivers to promote them based on the performance.

ENHANCED MAINTENANACE – The fuel monitoring system promotes for the enhanced maintenance of the vehicles.  The notification, records, activity logs helps to keep the fleet under good condition.