Fleet Management System

August 29, 2016

Fleet Management System

The fleet plays the vital role in managing the various process of your business as it helps to deliver the finished products of your organisation. Though it is an important asset to be maintained, there occurs large number of risks to handle the fleet efficiently. Every business owners cannot have an eye on the fleet all the time to avoid the irregularities in fleet management. In order to reduce the burden and risk on this fleet maintenance the GPS enabled system does the process in simple yet efficiently promoting the business values and standards. The SAP products help to manage the fleet of the organisation through the usage of this GPS enabled software system. This customized system is simple to be analysed and it is time consuming process since the vehicles are expensive to buy and also occupies a core place in the budget.

In the UAE the cities like  Business Bay, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction companies, trading, tourism, pharmaceuticals invests more on their fleet for providing efficient transportation.  The integration of this system into your business helps to operate the fleet through the encapsulation of GPS reducing the operational cost on the fleet. The system improves the potentiality and liability of the organisation. This helps to procure your business ethics to the upgraded level. It tells the customers a positive approach that the organisation is serving the trading best among the other industries developing the competition on the business trends.

The important fields where the fleet management is used are,

  • Fleet tracking and monitoring
  • Reducing operational cost
  • Safety and security
  • Notices driver performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Efficient route mapping
  • Integrated reports on time
  • Notifications and alerts
  • 24/7 customer service etc

These fields are interconnected with one other in which developing one field used to optimize other. Therefore it creates a cycle through which the fleet management of the organisation grows well without disrupts.


The real time and passive are the two types of GPS tracking system in which the REAL TIME gives the information about fleet’s functionality immediately regarding its speed, ongoing route, stops, location etc., through the email/SMS providing live updates. While the PASSIVE type does not give the live information instead the GPS system records and provides all the information related to the fleet at the end of the day to the web server. Both the methods fundamentally used to manipulate the efficiency of the fleet enlarging the vehicle maintenance of the whole organisation.


The fleet management system helps to reduce the overall operational cost on the maintenance of the fleet without considering the size of business whether it is small or big it gives high Return on Investment enriching business to next higher level earning the pride to the organisation.

Fuel management

The main and the foremost investment are for the fuel through which the fleet runs. The GPS enabled system helps to manage the fuel in the fleet as it tracks the fuel level through the sensors attached to it. It tells the report about filling of the fuel with accurate quantity and the time of when it is filled. This system reduces the wastage/illegal usage of fuel providing optimized solution for efficient fleet management.

Theft/loss of the asset

The efficient fleet management system drastically reduces the theft/loss of the fleet as the GPS system surveys about the location of the fleet for 24/7 through which the owners can know where their fleet is actually located. Therefore the system devastates the loss of vehicle improving the quality service.

Various other functionalities of the fleet management system includes,

EASY TO USE- the GPS integrated fleet management system helps the business owners to improve their service as it is easy to use. It gives the accurate information cutting off the manual intervention in handling the data management.

This process aids to,

  • Better decision making on fleet usage
  • Easily navigate the route through which the on time delivery of the products is possible
  • Easy to fetch the information required
  • Gives the results that are requested by the user
  • Real time visibility of the entire process at any location
  • The GPS system gives out liable results in fleet performance

Enhanced reporting

The Fleet management system through the GPS tracer helps to provide the report for every single movement of the fleet. This helps the vendors of this system to note the areas where the managing skills have to be improved. The reporting process prevails for the maintenance of the historical data that promotes to sketch the graph on analyzing the increasing/decreasing management of the fleet.

Fast and compatible – the installation of GPS system provides fast and accurate access to the fleet by providing the alerts and routing on the short way which enables to service the customers faster. The compatible application works well in all smart phones, tablets, PC, desktop etc, helping the business owners to track their fleet anywhere and at any time.

Integration – the system can be integrated with other supporting remote accessing tools. Through this integration the inventory management of the fleet is available to the organisation that is at remote location from the fleet. This system prevents the loss of inventories thereby delivering the accurate amount of products to the customers.

Communication – the system communicates with the concerned authorities to whom the application is being integrated. The GPS system gives all the information to those authorities without any time delay making them to take decisions faster during the critical situations.

Gives satisfactory customer service – as this system delivers the products on time it satisfies the customers to have the business deals again with that organisation. When this quality service is encouraged it leads the way to maintain long term relationship between them.

Advanced prediction – the GPS Fleet management system helps the business owners to predict the cost and other relevant expenses related to the vehicle in advance to make them aware of the future aspects. This advanced reporting system gives better user experience.