July 19, 2016


Global Tracking System (GPS) is used to track the location of the fleet, persons and asset to record the exact position of the materials to which it is attached. The GPS system is either fixed or movable that can be used for tracking. The system gives the customised report on the live tracking of the system. The information is provided through the network of satellites that tracks the information from any location of the fleet. The GPS would be helpful not only to the organisation but along to the civil users to track their position if they miss the route. The GPS system has the passive and active users in which the passive users can track their location to be stored for future use.


The processing of GPS system is unique. The device can be fixed on to the handheld devices, fleet or special GPS accepted devices.  The information about the location can be received by the user through the GPS. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is used to provide the details on the vehicles/materials location, moving velocity etc. The information about the location travelled can be stored for future purposes. The accurate timing of the fleet traveling are grasped through the atomic clocks. The GPS system sends the captured data to the web based database. The GPS system is best suited for the tracking of the location through the varied services provide by the system.

Benefits of GPS Tracking System

  • Fuel cost is lowered to reasonable range.
  • On time scheduling enables positive feedback from the customers as GPS navigates in a best way possible promoting for the wide range of utilities.
  • The overall cost of the production can be increased by tracking the business process up to date through this easily installation of this system.
  • The cost can be reduced by discovering the unauthorized use of system as the system is easy to operate.


Tracer is a new generation solution that is designed to monitor the fleet of the organisation through remote assistance. The host system is connected to the fleet giving all the details 24/7. Tracer supports to add security to the fleet through real time monitoring and reporting. The tracer solution gives the information on the vehicle regarding its location, speed etc., instantly. The system provides the advantage of saving the economy of the organisation with efficient time management.


  • Gives real time visibility about the vehicles.
  • Enhanced security and safety.
  • Improves driver efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduces the maintenance task for the organisation.
  • Improved customer service through response at stipulated time period.
  • The restoring of vehicles that is thefted becomes easier.
  • The efficiency and the productivity of the drivers can be analysed.
  • The consumption of the fuel can be noted.
  • The system can track the working time of the employees.