About US

September 22, 2016


Indus Novateur is Software Services Company pursuing services to the customers through the esteemed professionals since 2000 with ISO 9001:2000 certification. We focus to establish the solutions through ERP software products for various business functions from Finance to managing Customer Relationships. We encapsulate the business knowledge in proving solution on innovating ideas. Our solution integrates the various business functionalities that aid the organisations to outlook from the regular business standards. The SAP based business software’s are created with the view of promoting the clients business process to next level changing the life style of the organisation. Our own ERP system helps us to provide quality software solutions to our customer. The solutions are cost effective and are adaptable to changing business scenarios. We organize the business solution through the best Engineering practices. The teams of expertise professionals work hard to enhance the business values of the customers. The business solutions are catered for small to large business.

As a SAP Partner our company has the pride on providing solutions through our Own ERP applications. The SAP applications provide the solution to various functions like Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR management, Payroll, inventory processes etc. This results in issuing highly customised solutions to the organisation by effective management of the business transactions. The on and off shore solutions are based on the cloud storage promoting easy data accessing and retrieval. We have the quick fix options to various business as ERP is active in planning, integrating, managing the business functionalities.

Our company provides the best solution to various business solutions in UAE cities like Business Bay, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for enlarging their business trends. The mainly focused businesses in United Arab Emirates are petroleum, oil & gas, production of construction materials, textiles, metal fabrication, fertilizers, cement manufacturing, tourism and food processing industries etc. The UAE’s export is mainly based on crude oil and natural gas which yields high revenue. Dubai which is capital of Emirate of Dubai is the business hub of Middle East. The luxury shopping place has growing needs for business like commerce, hotels, and construction companies and so on.  The Business Bay is considered to be the centralized place to have distinct business of all range is under construction. Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE which is mainly concentrated on oil production and shopping commerce can enhance the business systems through our SAP solutions. Sharjah, the cultural capital of UAE focus on developing its business solutions to next level. The key business functions from finance to the customer relationship can be managed through one solution called SAP.

The distinct Products of Indus Novateur on SAP are

  • SAP Business One (B1)-Focused mainly on small to midsized organisations.
  • SAP All in One- Issues solutions to all operations of the business.
  • SAP HANA- In-memory database for managing real time data analytics.
  • iNexus ERP- the cloud storage ERP feature helpful for small scale industries.

The solution provided by our company is greatly secured that allows the accessing only to the authorized professionals and also follows the rules and regulations of the government.


Indus Novateur is an official SAP partner providing distinct solutions to the clients across the globe to make them feel comfortable in using the software products for intelligent management of the business operations. We strive hard to create the worthy products to the clients making them to transform their business trends in a unique form among the competitive business environment. Our Engineering practices give best approach to outlook your business.


Our Vision is to grow as a universal SAP solution provider by following the set of rules and standards to meet the customer demands in the economical form. We provide the prolific products to our customers paving way to globally spread their business.


Our Mission is to be a trusted organisation in distributing the exclusive software solution to the customers from the design to the internal functionalities meeting customer requirements. We work continuously to create distinct products for our valuable customers.